Cat, 664–30 BC, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This is my contribution to the Ancient Artifacts 3D Modelling Challenge on Sketchfab, finishing in second place by popular vote.

This model is a copy of an egyptian cat statue from the collections of The Met Musuem in New York. As described in its website:

“Bastet was a powerful goddess of Lower Egypt, one who was protective and could bring about great prosperity. In zoomorphic form, she was represented as a cat and cats were considered sacred to her. As a cat, she is poised and alert, on guard against external forces. Cat statuettes were among some of the most common zoomorphic dedications of the Late and Ptolemaic Periods. Small statuettes would have been dedicated as offerings to temples or deposited in catacombs alongside cat mummies, as at the extensive catacombs at Bubastis and Saqqara. Sometimes larger hollow examples held a cat mummy inside”.

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