Tharsis Facility

Tharsis Facility is a collection of modular assets I designed to be used in Unreal Engine 4, and it was inspired by NASA’s 3D printed Mars Habitat Challenge. This is the first modular models I have ever designed, and the first environment I’ve created. The 3D models were made in 3ds Max 2019. The texture set was made in Substance Painter 2019. I took the environment mesh from NASA’s 3D models collection: In Unreal Engine I created a blueprint for each module, with some customization options showed at the editor for fast and easy working. Each material is custom made and has several parameters to make adjustments. This was a very time consuming project, but it was a very good project to learn how to take care of measurements when modelling, to create complex and customizable materials and shaders and to make simple environment asset blueprints.