The Most Important Meal

Oh, no! ToastBoay has been captured! Help him escape before they eat him for breakfast!

This is my fourth video game: an infiltration game and kind of a tribute to the very first Metal Gear Solid. It was made in Unity2018.3. For this game I made two simple characters using Magica Voxel. At that time I still didn’t know 3D modelling, but I found that tool very interesting and easy to use. I uploaded the models to, and thanks to the auto-rigging tool I could download almost all the animations for the game. The scene is very simple, made with primitives and using a free texture set from the Asset Store. For this project I learned the basics of Cinemachine plugin (to make all the cinematics), the AI Nav Mesh components (for the pathfinding of the characters), the animation blending trees, the UI system (for the menus and HUD), and so on… I managed to make a simple level, but finally i got the impression that I achieved to create a more video game alike experience than previous projects.