Mars Miner

Something is going very wrong inside the Noctis Labyrinthus autonomous mine! Get out of the habitat, equip your work vehicle with different tools and defend yourself from the crazy mining robots. You must reboot the main system before the whole mine blows up!

This is my second video game, a different version of a first person shooter. It was made in Unity 2018.3 almost a year ago. Then I didn’t know how to model, but I discovered the ProBuilder plugin for Unity, and I designed everything in the scene using that tool, except the trees (made with Speedtree) and the terrain (made with World Machine). Without knowing much about UV maps, I drew a lot of textures in Photoshop in a cartoon style and set them in the props, enemies, player and interior scenes. I also didn’t know how to do animations, so all the movements are coded. And I had the same problem with UI, so I set some TextMesh in front of the camera. Finally, the result was a difficult (not many time to calibrate it) but funny shooter.